Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice explains what VanNiekerkCieremans does with your personal data.

1. Use of personal data by VanNiekerkCieremans

1.1 All personal data processed by VanNiekerkCieremans is dealt with in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation.

1.2 In connection with the legal services provided and yet to be provided by it to clients (in the broadest sense), VanNiekerkCieremans has in its possession personal data relevant to its handling of the files entrusted to it. VanNiekerkCieremans needs these file-related personal data for the purposes of the service it provides to you. This may, for example, concern personal data which VanNiekerkCieremans needs at the outset in order to determine whether we can accept you as a client and/or your instructions in the particular matter in hand.

1.3 We may also need personal data in order to carry out substantive work on your behalf in accordance with your instructions. These data may have been obtained from you or from other sources (such as, but not limited to, public sources and other parties involved in the case).

1.4 We also process your personal data in order to share legal knowledge and expertise through newsletters or send invitations to a knowledge-sharing or other event. This concerns (business) contact data (such as the email address where you can be reached). If you are not yet our client, we request your consent for this purpose.

2. Disclosure of personal data to third parties

2.1 VanNiekerkCieremans may disclose to third parties personal data made available to it. VanNiekerkCieremans does this if this is necessary in order to discharge your instructions (for example, where information must be disclosed to opposing parties, expert witnesses, judicial authorities, court bailiffs etc.) and/or for the purposes of our internal business operations.

2.2 VanNiekerkCieremans must also comply with its legislative obligations to provide information, for example to regulatory authorities or the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration.

2.3 All these third parties have their own responsibility to comply with the privacy legislation. VanNiekerkCieremans is not responsible or liable for the care – or lack of care – taken by these third parties in processing your personal data or for any resulting loss or damage.

2.4 Where a third party (such as an IT supplier) processes personal data on its behalf, VanNiekerkCieremans will have concluded a contract with that third party under which the processing of the personal data is carried out in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

3. Our website and your privacy

3.1 When you visit our website your IP address is automatically logged. The logged data are kept on the web server for a limited number of days.

3.2 The contact page on our website uses the Google Maps service, which places third-party cookies. Most internet browser automatically accept these cookies. You can disable these cookies by changing your browser settings. However, this will mean that you will be unable to use the Google Maps service on our website’s contact page.

3.3 We use Google Analytics to collect anonymised data from visitors to our website. This allows us to improve our website. We have disabled all options to share those data with Google.

4. Retention periods

4.1 We keep your personal data for no longer than necessary and/or for the purposes of regulatory compliance.

5. Security

5.1 VanNiekerkCieremans has taken appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure the security of your personal data.

6. Questions?

6.1 If you have any questions about your personal data or would like to inspect them, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please direct your questions/requests to

Rotterdam, 29 April 2021

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